Immigration and Asylum in German Speaking Countries

Our firm offers legal services in the very complex legal procedure of Asylum in Germany. We support people fleeing from persecution and seeking international protection abroad.
When filing a request for asylum on a human rights ground, there is only one opportunity to present the best possible case. Hence it is crucial for a legal team to advice the applicant in order to represent the clients’ interests in the best way possible.
Our firm in cooperation with our partner attorney Reinhard Kirpes in Germany ensures that our clients enjoy their right of access to a fair trial and make sure that they get an efficient asylum procedure. In this regard, our team provides a broad scope of legal services in the Asylum procedure in Germany. Such services include but are not limited to:

  • -the assessment of the type of protection needed,
  • filing the initial application,
  • advising on the interview with the authorities,
  • appealing the decision if it is unfavorable to the clients interest.

Also, having in mind the complex procedures of obtaining work permits in German speaking countries, we offer assistance to our clients in all stages of work permit requests. In this regard, our services have a special focus in Germany with the entry into force of the new regulation (from 1 January 2016) applicable exclusively to Kosovo and five other Balkan countries.