Labour Law

Apart from providing legal advice in employment matters, our firm also handles cases of litigation for our clients.

We are accustomed to assisting companies in their employment matters on a day-to-day basis. In this regard we offer the following services: legal advice and drafting of all contracts, other agreements and documents in line with the applicable laws, litigation in all types of employment related cases including discrimination and other employment aspects of business.

Many different laws and regulations protect the employees in Kosovo. However, very few employees are aware of their rights in the workplace. We offer legal assistance to employees to pursue their rights and interests.

Also, having in mind the complex procedures of obtaining work permits in German speaking countries, we offer assistance to our clients in all stages of work permit requests. In this regard, our services have a special focus in Germany with the entry into force of the new regulation (from 1 January 2016) applicable exclusively to Kosovo and five other Balkan countries.