Registration on the Civil Registry (Acquisition) & Release from Citizenship

Citizenship is a tight legal bond between the State and a person, which establishes mutual rights and obligations. In the Republic of Kosovo, acquisition, release and reacquisition of citizenship is regulated by the Law No. 04/L-215 on Citizenship of Kosovo. Our firm offers legal services and assistance in all of these processes and makes it possible for our clients to enjoy the rights that they are entitled to and pursue their interests.

A major part of the Kosovar Diaspora has to be re-registered in Kosovo in order to enjoy their rights because a big number of the old birth registries has been destroyed or stolen during the last war in Kosovo. Our firm offers legal assistance for the Diaspora who want to acquire the Kosovar citizenship.

Some of ways of acquiring the Kosovar citizenship are birth, adaptation, naturalization and international agreements.

The law permits acquiring citizenship even if the person is born outside of Kosovo. For example based on origin, when one of the parents of the person filing the request for citizenship has the Kosovar citizenship, when a child is adopted by Kosovar parents, when a spouse gets naturalized, etc.

A simple way of aquiring the Kosovar citizenship is the aqcuisition through proving the Jugoslav citizenship and residency in Kosovo in 1998. Everyone who was a citizen of the Federative Republic of Yugoslavia on 1 January 1998 and was residing in Kosovo is considered a citizen of Kosovo and as such can be registered in the citizenship registry regardless of their current residing country or citizenship that they posses. Also, the direct ancestors of these citizens have a right to the Kosovar Citizenship based on this principle.

Release from Citizenship

A Kosovar citizen can be a citizen of one or more other states. This is expressively foreseen by the Law on Citizenship which permits Kosovars to have multiple citizenships. Unfortunately, this practice is not applied by all other foreign states, which leads to Kosovo citizens requesting a loss of citizenship in order to acquire a another citizenship are obliged.

The Law on Citizenship of Kosovo determines that one can be released of citizenship upon request, by being deprived from it or based on international agreements.

Mostly, release or loss of citizenship happens upon request. Such a request is granted when the conditions foreseen by law are fulfilled. Our firm offers legal assistance to clients throughout this entire procedure of until the release of citizenship. Given the fact that most of our clients who request the loss of citizenship live abroad, the law has determined that an attorney authorization is sufficient and the presence of the client is not compulsory.