Our corporate and commercial law practice engages our lawyers in a wide variety of business and commercial matters including acquisitions, dispositions, mergers, loan transactions, debt restructuring, financing, contractual arrangements, reorganizations and bankruptcies. We advise incorporations (as well as the implementation of fundamental changes) and the organization of other business entities, such as partnerships and join ventures. We support startup companies from their foundation by providing legal due diligence, preparing all necessary legal documents for the registration of the company as well as by providing legal assistance on all other matters regarding their corporate structure and financing arrangements.

We have experience in providing corporate legal services to multi-national, regional and local clients in Kosovo and South Eastern Europe. Our specialty is in complex regional transactions with a multi-jurisdictional focus. In addition to being involved in some most successful transaction in Kosovo and region, we regularly meet the day-today needs of clients.

Apart from assisting and supporting national and international companies in their daily business, our firm represents businesses and individual clients in litigation matters in front of courts, arbitration panels, procurement bodies, the Kosovo Tax Administration Agency and various other Inspectorates and Agencies. Our clientele spreads out to the South Eastern Region with the capacity to provide integrated and seamless services on both local and cross border transactions.