Public Procurement is a developing provides a significant amount of business opportunities area in Kosovo. The applicable law that regulates this field is in full conformity with the European standards and insures the most efficient and transparent way of solving contests in this area. However, in this regard Public Procurement is gaining more and becoming more legally complexity, therefore the proper analysis of the applicable legislation, the tender dossiers and other foreseen conditions had become a necessity in order to realize win tender offers and complete successful projects successfully.

Our firm provides all the necessary services for our clients and represents them in front of the Procurement Review Body (PRB) procedures and in competent courts as well.

As an independent scrutinizing body, the PRB exercises has the authority, competences, functions and responsibilities foreseen by law to review and decide upon contested public procurement tender offers and is obliged to issue a decision on any case within 30 days from the date of submission.

We offer legal services from the beginning to the end of the procurement process. We assist our clients in preparing the procurement application for public procurement tender offers, and the procurement offers, if necessary, we file complaints and represent our clients in front of in the PRB and we also represent our clients in front of and the competent courts.