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Main Areas of Expertise & Career Summary

Mr. Shkelzen Feka is one of the partners at Hodaj & Partners. Mr. Feka’s main areas of expertise are Inheritance Law, Family Law, Law on Contracts and Torts, Administrative and Procedural Law, Litigation, Criminal Law, and Cultural Heritage Law.

Mr. Feka has practiced law since 2012 and has succeeded in representing many cases. Beside his legal expertise, Mr. Feka boasts an extensive experience as a researcher and project coordinator gained during his work with various civil society organisations. Also Mr. Feka has wide experience serving as legal consultant for Government of Republic of Kosovo.

Albanian, English

2013, South East European University in Tetovo, North Macedonia
2010, University of Prishtina, Kosovo (BA)
2009, State University of Tetovo, North Macedonia (LL.B)


  • Kosovo Bar Association

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Location: Str. Fehmi Agani No. 79, Prishtina, Kosovo


Email: [email protected]


Phone: +383 38 717 574 / +383 44 337 378


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