Intellectual Property Law

Our main focus in the Intellectual Property area lies in two fields: Trademark and Copyright Law. We assist our clients in legally protecting their business name or symbol under the Trademark Law of Kosovo but also in international markets.

The protection of Intellectual Property in Kosovo is not simple, because Kosovo still lacks adequate and efficient procedures that are present in developed countries, therefore much of the work needs to be done by contacting relevant institutions responsible for such matters.Our experience and our established contacts with the right people ensure that our clients’ IP is always protected.

This also puts our firm at an advantage in cases when we represent our clients in court when their intellectual property rights have been infringed. We represent the interests of our clients before the Agency for Intellectual Property Rights and ensure that their rights and ownership of trademarks are respected and protected – by registering and de-registering those, and by monitoring the trademark registers for potential infringements of the registered rights.


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