Legal Due Diligence

During a Merger & Acquisition process, a full assessment of the legal risks has to be performed on the assets, contracts, employment of personnel and their legal impact in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances. In such processes, legal due diligence is just as important as tax and financial due diligence.

Our legal team are proficient in reviewing major contracts, purchase agreements, surveys, insurance policies, licenses and permits, as well as any other legal documents relevant to the company in the process of a Merger & Acquisition.

Additionally, at our law firm we have a professional specialist with Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credentials with an international level standard known as Gold Standard. In this regard we can support you and your company with fraud examination.

It is a great opportunity for your company to establish a relationship with a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) you can call on when fraud questions arise. CFEs are experts in detecting fraud and helping organisations prevent it in the future. Strong fraud prevention processes help increase the confidence of investors, regulators, audit committee members and the general public in the integrity of your company’s financial reports. This will help to attract and retain valuable relationships and capital.


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