Registration on the Civil Registry, Acquisition & Release from Kosovo Citizenship

Our firm offers legal services and assistance in all citizenship procedures and enables our clients to enjoy the rights that they are entitled to.

A major part of the Kosovar Diaspora has to be re-registered in Kosovo in order to enjoy their rights because a large number of the old birth registries has been destroyed or stolen during the last war in Kosovo. Our firm offers legal assistance for the Diaspora who want to acquire Kosovar citizenship.

We also provide legal services to non-citizens that have established residency in Kosovo and have a right to become Kosovar residents and citizens, or to those that have a familial connection with Kosovo.

Release from Citizenship

A Kosovar citizen can be a citizen of one or more other countries, and many citizens have dual citizenship. However, some countries do not allow dual citizenship and many Kosovar citizens that establish residence in such countries request a release from Kosovar citizenship in order to acquire their intended citizenship.

Our firm offers legal assistance to clients throughout this entire procedure until the release of citizenship is granted.


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