Aida Hadri

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Main Areas of Expertise & Career Summary

Ms. Aida Hadri has been with Hodaj & Parterns as Legal Associate since January 2021. She focusses on Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Property Law and Constitutional Law.

Ms. Hadri earlier worked as Teaching Assistant at the ESLG College. She was also active with the CLARD Organisation which is supported by the US State Department.

Speaks Albanian and English fluently, has very good knowledge of Spanish

2020, Ohio Northern University, Ohio, U.S.A., Rule of Law and Democratic Governance, (LL.M)
2021, AAB College Prishtina, Criminal Law (LL.M)
2019, Nova Univerza, Nova Gorica, Slovenia (LL. B)

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Location: Str. Fehmi Agani No. 79, Prishtina, Kosovo


Email: [email protected]


Phone: +383 38 717 574 / +383 44 337 378


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