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Main Areas of Expertise & Career Summary

Mr. Labinot Murati is one of the Partners at Hodaj & Partners. Mr. Murati focusses on Property Law, Intellectual Property Law, Administrative Law, Energy & Construction, Civil Law and Arbitration, Labour Law, Regulatory Compliance and Tax & Customs Law.

Mr. Murati has previously worked with the Basic Court of Prishtina, the Kosovo Government and for several months has worked at the Kosovo Customs Headquarters in Prishtina.

During his studies Mr. Murati was awarded with scholarship and distinguished student award from University of Prishtina.


Albanian, English


2018, University of Prishtina, Civil Law (LL.M)
2017, University of Prishtina (LL.B)


  • Kosovo Bar Association

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Location: Str. Fehmi Agani No. 79, Prishtina, Kosovo


Email: [email protected]


Phone: +383 38 717 574 / +383 44 337 378


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