Managing Partner to Hodaj & Partners, Taulant Hodaj, gave an interview for AlJazeera Balkans, in regard to the potential lawsuit for genocide against Serbia

by Taulant Hodaj

Mr.Hodaj has given an interview for AlJazeera Balkans, having been distinguished to do so by this medium, due to the (as emphasized in the article) extensive experience he has in the field of criminal law both locally, but also before the international institutions, such as the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia.

Mr.Hodaj emphasized that filling a lawsuit against Serbia is possible, having in mind that Kosovo was before a party to the International Court of Justice. In this regard, it is very possible that the lawsuit is filed by some other country, like Albania, since Kosovo is not member to the United Nations. However, it would be preferable to have a lawsuit filed by countries that are more experienced in this area, such as Netherlands or Great Britain.

Finally, Mr. Hodaj made clear that filing a lawsuit should not in any way affect further negotiations with Serbia, including further separation between two nations. To the contrary, Mr. Hodaj emphasized that filing a lawsuit and having the decision in this regard by an international forum, such as the International Court of Justice, would only give answer to the questions presented and as such, would help in building relations between two nations, based on the truth.

Read the full interview in the link below:

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